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EPX Body Product Testimonials
These are products that people need! Everyone needs at least one of these and I am excited about this opportunity and have lost 5 pounds on the EPXBody burn in just 4 days! After I joined, I had a new distributor under me the next day! ~ Shan M. ~ Mississippi, USA

I have been taking the EPX Body Burn for a month now, and must say I am impressed. Although I didn’t notice much within the first 2 weeks, after taking it for a month, I find that I LOVE it. Like Dr.Oz talks about, the ingredients in EPXBody Burn tricks your Body in to believing that you are thin, as a result I find that I am getting FULL much quicker now. I still eat the same foods that I have always Loved, just not the quantity, as I am not able to eat the amount I was once 30 days ago. As a result, I have lost about 5 lbs my first month on the EPXBody Burn. ~ Dana McKinney ~ Tennessee, USA
EPX Body Burn - Weight Loss
Just a little note to say that for the past 9 months I have had pain in my left knee, and have also noticed the vein from my groin to the knee pops out and looks weird. 
I’m using the EPXBody Cardio heart product. This product is lowering my inflammation, and increasing my Libido, and I’ve only used it for two days so far. I’m on it for life. ~ Clint J. ~ USA
I’m a 78-year-old male with a family history of heart problems, on my father’s side. Recently, I began experiencing a tingling sensation under my left arm.  Soon after, my left hand felt as if it was going to sleep.  As these conditions gradually increased, so did my concern.  However, to my good fortune, I had joined EPX Body Health a couple of months earlier and became extremely interested in the “EPXBody Cardio” Product.  I immediately placed an order.  To my amazement, within a couple of weeks I felt a gradual lessening of the sensation in my hand, followed by the tingling under my arm.  I recently finished my first 30-Day Supply of “EPXBody Cardio” and neither condition has returned.  As you can imagine, my worry has also been relieved.  And, to make sure I never have these problems again, I placed an Auto-Ship Order. ~ Nik Smith ~ Arizona USA
I have been on an L-Arginine product for over a year now, the last 10 months by a well recognized company that touts theirs as the best ever. The last three months I’ve been on EPXbody Cardio, which includes 72 trace minerals; (the other company does not have them).
This company has been able to change my life both physically and financially. High blood
pressure runs in my family on both sides, so when I turned 40 I bought a blood pressure cuff so I could start monitoring it.
Unfortunately mine was on the high side as well, pre hypertension at 135/88 consistently. Thanks to EPX Cardio in just a couple months of taking the product my BP has been as low as 118/78.

I feel great and my workouts have never been better. Also thanks to our clinically proven weight loss product EPX Burn, I am losing weight without the cravings and am well on my way to hitting my weight loss goal of 30lbs. 
Just a quick note to let you know that if you know anyone who suffers from excruciating pain you might want to recommend the EPX Body Cardio.
Hello everyone this is Rick In San Antonio Texas. Here’s why I was in a car accident where at 70 miles per hour we flipped 3 times in the air before crashing down to earth, needless to say I suffered a severe neck injury and since then have been living with severe excruciating pain.

Believe me I tried many things to alleviate the pain with only temporary relief. I am happy to say that I got the EPX Body Cardio to help with my poor circulation because of my diabetes to my surprise the EPXBody Cardio has not only help me tremendously with my circulation problem but lessened the pain from my injury from about 9 to a 2 in the pain scale.
I wanted to share my experience with you because really even if their wasn’t a money making opportunity with EPX Body I would still purchase and share their products because they workI would still purchase and share their products because they work! I encourage you to join us in our venture to help those who are suffering from one illness or another, the satisfaction of helping someone is really worth more then the money. Have a Fantastic day. ~ Rick R. ~ Texas
Anyway, I was most excited to start on the “EPXBody Cardio” product from EPXBody and in only a couple days have noticed relief from my discomfort and that the vein seems to have already improved.

I am looking forward to much more improvement and all the benefits with this and the other products –
I have been taking the EPXBody Cardio for a couple of weeks now and have notice that I am feeling more energized than how I used to feel throughout the day.In addition, I have been averaging 2 people a week in my downline, and if I keep this up I know that I will be at my goal in no time! ~ Marlon A. ~ Florida USA
EPX Body Detox - 100% Organic Herbal Tea
I have been taking the exact same detox for years and I swear by it .
Not only is it less expensive but I can also earn money from it . I am very active and feel as if I am in the prime in the prime of My life although I just turned 29 for the 41st time. I love it and highly recommend it . ~ Bill Fox ~ New York USA
EPX Body Enhance - Sexual Supplement for Men and Women
All I can say is Wow! This Enhance works! I’ll be using this all natural product from now on, instead of the other junk out there. Good job EPXbody!  ~ John C. ~ CA, USA
Can’t touch this or it’s time for action! Awesome product. This Enhance definitely works for both my wife and myself. We didn’t expect a lot and were pleasantly surprised. All we can say is what a fun time. We would suggest anyone that needs a little kick in their love life to try this product, you won’t be disappointed. Have Fun! ~ Bob and Delores T. ~ Florida, USA
Now as for me when I started it I was a size 20 and as of today 9/21/12, I have gone down to a size 14. I now can get back into my suits that have been packed away since 2003 because I had gotten to big to wear them. Perry had not seen these suits for years and thought I had gone on a shopping spree to buy new clothes. We are both truely happy with the results from EPX Body Burn and all of my coworkers and friends now want to know what we have been doing to loose so much weight and of course we are just to happy to tell them EPX Body and point them to our website.

Thank you Dan For The Wonderful Products They Have Changed Are Lives, With Better Health And Wealth. ~ Perry & Mary K. ~ Washington USA
Parkinson’s – My younger brother died from Parkinson’s last year. I and others have noticed my hands getting shakier of late. Since I’ve been taking EPXbody Daily SeaVeg I’ve noticed a 50% to 75% reduction in shaking. I also have restless leg syndrom and although it hasn’t gone away it’s less severe. ~ Clint J. ~ USA
The Secretariat of MLM has been Born. Helping More People to Win! How does a highly sought after Super Food, with a 30 year track record get partnered up with a six month old up-start marketing company?

The old saying, “Birds of a feather flock together”, rings true once again. Men of superior character, men of vision and hearts of compassion tend to be attracted and to form bonds of personal and business relationships.
Such is the case with Scott Kennedy, pioneer in the field of nutrition from the ocean and Dan Putnam, a modern day icon within the Direct Selling industry. Dan recounts that when he first met Scott, 2 ½ years ago, he was so taken by the man’s passion for helping people, he made himself a secret goal to get into business with Scott someday. Now that day has finally arrived.

As CEO/President of EPXBody, Dan Putnam has successfully secured exclusive approval to private label Scott Kennedy’s famous Super SeaVeg formula. The Secretariat of MLM has been Born.
Scott Kennedy says that this is the first time he has allowed anyone, other than himself, to distribute this product. He, in like manner, has developed a high regard for the character that Dan Putnam represents. He appreciates Dan’s zeal and intense passion for helping people, both with their health, as well as, with their wealth.

Dan Putnam has designed the EPXBody Marketing System so that more people can win. The relatively low price point coupled with a generous, straight forward, compensation model, puts both short term and long term profits within easy grasp. Now when such a system is infused with a 30 year old prize winning product (Super SeaVeg) it presents an amazing opportunity.

The tons of unsolicited testimonials coming forth from people using Super SeaVeg, boarder on the miraculous. It’s not surprising. Our body is hard wired to heal itself. It only needs sufficient nutrition in order to perform that task.

The testimonials don’t just stop with our EPXbody Super SeaVeg product. In the short six months of being in operation we now have many raving fans of the Cardio and our weight loss product, Burn.

In conclusion, anyone concerned about good health and actually having the money enjoy such a lifestyle, should, by all means, give EPXBody a very serious look because the Secretariat of MLM has been born, EPXbody Super Seaveg ~ Michael Johnson ~ California USA
EPX Body - Daily Super SeaVeg
EPX Body For Life! We started the EPX Body Burn about 4 months ago and Perry has lost about 35lb. He has diabetes and since taking the EPX Body Burn his blood sugar has gone down. So now instead of taking the 4 shots per day he used to take he only needs to take 1 shot per day. The only other thing we’re having to deal with is buying him new clothes for his new trimmed down body and his ego!! He knows he hot stuff now since he’s trimmed down.
EPX Body Cardio – Heart and Artery Health
Thank you EPXBody for putting together a simple and easy program to work and a “Super Product” line at the right price. ~ Bob Hilson ~ California, USA
A single canister of ours is $39.95; theirs cost 175% more! I have always taught that good is the enemy of better, and better is the enemy of best So, we at EPX body health not only have a superior product that performs better for me, but I would say we are the BEST, and they are good at most. ~ Pete M. ~ California USA
Now lets talk about money! EPX BODY is generating many other affiliates like myself a substantial income here in the U.S and internationally. EPX BODY has no boundaries and we are just getting started as a company.

Here at EPX we don’t hype you up, pump you up or make false promises, because we don’t have to. EPX Body has something for everyone, Great Products, Great Prices, High Commissions, Home Based Business. It is without a doubt the best decision I have ever made for my health and financial security. Please contact me with any questions you may have. ~ Brad J. ~ California USA
As an insurance agent in today’s competitive market, I feel like I am under constant pressure to produce, produce, produce.

Over the last several years I have noticed an increased tension in my hands to the point that block printing is difficult, in fact, my wife says my hand writing is so bad I should have been a doctor.
EPX Body Restore - Natural Plant Adaptogens
More Testimonials Coming Soon!
After about three days on Restore I have a marked increase in calmness and improved handwriting. Now, whenever I feel tension building during the day, a few sprays in my mouth and it goes away! ~ Jay R. ~ California USA
MOM’S WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS As a mom, I find that my schedule is so full all the time, that it make is it difficult to get to the gym. I have lost 18 lbs. from EPXBody Burn in just a couple of months. It has been very easy and I have simply cut back on the snacking with my kids, and the sweets and treats. I always have a cheat day, which is usually Saturdays, I tend to eat ice cream and pizza with my kids on those days.

I have not been in the gym to help with my weight loss. I still continue to lose weight even without getting in the gym. Once I am able to get into the gym, I know that I will lose more from building muscle. I still have about 12 lbs. to go. My mom is 75 and is currently in the 90 day challenge and has lost 10.2 lbs. already and has lost inches everywhere.

My mom is also following our diet and exercise plan along with taking the EPXBody Burn. Her 90 day challenge started April 12th. If you are ready to get your life back and regain your health, now is the time, and EPX products are the right choice. To get started on your journey to great health and your best body ever. ~ Kristen ~ Florida, USA